Yak cow / Tara
Here is Titan, a bit bigger now.

"Titan was a great pet and we miss him but know he is enjoying life in his new home".

Photos by Carlos Ambriz
Photo by Carlos Ambriz

Nestled In The Oak Trees At The Confluence Of Wildwood And Rattlesnake Canyons


Photos by Carlos Ambriz


Came to Believe Ranch is focused on horses, mules and donkeys. Our experiment with the yaks was rewarding and fun but they did not do well at this low altitude (1400') and the desert heat made life uncomfortable for them. Our yaks, bull Pashupati,(Pashu is pictured) cow Tara.

The Cats

Photos by Carlos Ambriz

Welcome to Came to Believe Ranch, located in the Southern California's Santa Clarita Valley.

Our alpha horse Spirit succumbed to cancer this year and his packing partner,Ruby the mule, was donated to Pyles Boys Camp so Steve is actively looking for a new horse and mule. The Morab, Skip, is good pasture decoration but has a bad shoulder so can't be worked. His horsinality keeps us all smiling, he is a true pleasure to watch. There is a clown that wears a donkey suit and answers to Jeremiah. Jeremiah has a girlfriend, Lily, another donkey collected in a BLM round up of excess wild stock living in the western deserts.  We could charge admission to watch the antics of Skip and Jeremiah. Our lone bovine, Castana, is a range cross cow that comes when you call, loves bread, carrots, apples, basically anything fruit or vegetable. Parate Dog and three cats round out the gang at C2B.


Castana was bred with Pashupati and gave birth to  a hybrid yak/cow

Yak bull/ Pashupati
 Steve Colf on Spirit/santa clarita cowboy festival

Here's Pirate! What a great life for a dog - six acres to run on and explore, and a large oak providing lots of nappin' shade for those 'dog' days of summer!

Photo by Carlos Ambriz