I wasn't kidding about Ruby's fear of cows. She is afraid of cows. Steve and I rode the Cordova Round-Up back in June. You haven't lived until you've tried herding cows on a mule that suffers from taurophobia! Here are Steve and Spirit waiting to get started.

About Us

Here's Tara, the nak.

... and with his mama. (Can't have too many baby pictures, now can you?) 

That's Jeremiah the Donkey in the background. What a ham! He's always mugging for the camera. You'd think he was a model or something.

And, shameless as it may be, here is one of me and Ruby. I'm the one in the hat.

That's Skip in the foreground, with Cholla. In the far pasture is Spirit, the paint, and Blondie. Blondie no longer lives at the Ranch. She was a mule Steve got and worked for a couple of years training her. She had a very bad habit of bolting if you dismounted on the trail. Not a good thing. Ruby is the new addition to C2B, and is a great mule to ride, though she is afraid of cows.

There are more than "just" yaks and cows at Came to Believe. You've seen a glimpse of Jeremiah... here are all the equine grazing on the pasture at Came to Believe:


Here is a nice picture of Spirit and Cholla grazing together.

This is Castana. She and Sweet Pea were the first two animals at Came to Believe. Sweet Pea died at three at three Castana, pictured above, was bred with Pashupati and gave birth to a hybrid yak/cow

Here's the little guy in one of his first "photo-ops" ...

Steve and Mary Ann Colf own Came to Believe Ranch. When Steve retired he wanted a small hobby ranch to retire to. While searching for properties and being disappointed at most  they had seen Steve commented to Mary Ann "we just have to come to believe that the right place will present itself". Mary Ann promptly suggested the ranch would be Came to Believe Ranch. A few weeks later Steve was hiking out Rattlesnake Canyon, less than a mile from their home. As was his tradition he said a little prayer, " God, I don't want to be greedy and I don't need the whole canyon but if You saw fit a small piece would be appreciated". That morning he saw a for sale sign for six acres with two houses and the adventure began. One of the houses was made a comfortable but small (700 sq.ft.) rental. The second house was completely redone into Mary Ann's office for her psychotherapy practice. A wonderfully  tranquil  setting for a therapy office. Next came the development of a ranch infrastructure. Barns, corrals, pastures,water systems all had to be installed before the first animals came to live at the ranch.

Steve & Mary Ann were married in 1964 and been blessed with many adventure, but this was their first experience owning large animals. The first two were day old calves rescued from a veal operation in Bakersfield. They were quickly followed by two Tibetan yaks, bull Pashupati and cow Tara. They had four bottle babies for a few months.

The bovine were followed by a string of equine ( horses, mules and donkeys) More on the animals under the Animal tab at our site.