October of 1995 Steve had the privilege of making the Snowman Trek in the Bhutanese Himalaya. The group started as 11 but 6 turned back after 4 days because of dangerous weather and mountain conditions. 5, including Steve, continued on for another 10 days. This page chronicles that adventure in pictures. Extreme gratitude goes to our Bhutanese host, Wangchuk Wandi. A truly selfless leader whose wisdom led us out of extraordinarily difficult circumstances. 

Arrival in Bhutan

Downtown Paru.

The following pictures were taken in or near the village of Laya, Bhutan. A major crossroads for the Tibetan nomadic traders. The Tibetan family in the black tent welcomed Steve in to their home where they shared warm Yak milk and tsampa (toasted grain).

Wangchuk Wandi with Steve and scouting the trail ahead. None of us knew where we were going!
Tigers Nest Monastery, Bhutan.


Giving thanks for a safe and rewarding journey. There were several days ahead but the most challenging was behind us.
Road to the Capitol City,  Paru.