Between 1988 and 1994 Steve made three trips to Nepal making two excursions into the mountains each trip. In 1988 he made a side trip into the the border region with India. His focus was the cultures of high altitude tribes and their subsistence lifestyle. The trips included the far west regions of Chauda Bisa Valley, Rara Lake, Mustang and beyond. Other than 1988 he traveled solo with only locals as companions often with no interpreters. With rare exceptions Steve was welcomed into village culture he learned to thrive on a diet and conditions foreign to a westerner. 

Dal-baht, a traditional dish of rice and lentils was a mainstay. Meat, rarely, was chicken or water buffalo. Fried millet sprinkled with ground chili also regularly provide sustenance. 

Enjoy the pictures that follow.

NEPAL '88-'94