Spirit came to the ranch in March of 2000. He came from the Broken Bow Ranch in Oklahoma with no name and a surly attitude. With guidance from several trainers Steve and Spirit were able to establish a good working relationship. They shared a sense of adventure and both enjoyed the solitude of the mountains and/or desert. Trailering to remote areas, camping and exploring were favorite activities. The ETI Death Valley Ride (6 days 125 miles) with 50 riders was their longest single trip and proved a challenge as Spirit was not comfortable in a crowd and was not able to settle and relax. LA County Sheriff Mounted Posse Training was fun for both but the sensory requirements were past Spirit's tolerance level so a career in law enforcement ended before it started.. Snow trips to Mt. Pinos, day rides at Hansen Dam where Spirit could play in the water and long lazy days exploring the San Gabriels made the experience of Spirit's exuberance all the more memorable. On January 26, 2007 Spirit quietly left this world with cancer spread in his digestive system. At 12 years old it was too early but all who knew him will have lifetime memories of a horse that was as full of life as he was full of himself.

Here are Steve and Spirit all dressed up to lead a trail ride for the City of Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. The picture was taken on the Melody Movie Ranch set in Placerita Canyon, CA.

Spirit/ Came to believe ranch


Photo by Carlos Ambriz